Source Control Insanity

by havoc

I’ve been known to complain about the number of newfangled source
control systems in the past; today it’s really biting me. To build the
stack requires 1) cvs 2) svn 3) git 4) darcs and 5) mercurial. I’m
thinking of writing something that uses the stack and checking it into
bzr, just for completeness. Maybe add some arch and monotone for extra

There is just no way that the differences between git, bzr, darcs,
arch, monotone, and mercurial are interesting enough to outweigh the
disadvantage of having to deal with all of them in order to get stuff

Back in the day, if you knew CVS, you could hack on any project. Sure
CVS was a bit lame, but you understood its quirks and it worked
fine most of the time. Also, we walked to school both ways uphill.

Mildly related, the other day I discovered that darcs has an
innovative new twist on the “Question? [yn]” tradition – it asks:

Shall I pull this patch? (1/129)  [ynWvpxqadjk]

This might be awesome in dialog form, too. Someone should write a GUI.

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