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Month: February, 2008


Spent part of today torturing the Clutter guys with disruptive, untested patches … woo hoo! (I do plan to clean up and debug the patch, if the idea goes over well.) Clutter is a pretty fun change from the usual 2D toolkit stuff, and nicely done in general. The other day I also wrote up […]

Hiring at LiTL

My new company is called LiTL, and we have some job listings up. We’re looking for desktop developers, web developers, QA engineers, and Linux distribution wranglers, among others. Send us a note (to jobs @ litl) to introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you and tell you more about the company. (This post was originally […]

Good programmers

I thought this was a good post on how to recognize and hire good software developers if you aren’t a software developer yourself. Or even if you are a software developer yourself. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2008-02.html#4)

Out-of-memory Handling – D-Bus Experience

Jeff started a blog thread about handling out-of-memory. For anyone who’s interested in this, check out D-Bus (or rather, the libdbus C implementation of D-Bus) for an example of nontrivial code that attempts to handle out-of-memory. I would wildly guess that the OOM handling adds 30-40% or so to the number of lines of code, […]