by havoc

Spent part of today torturing the
Clutter guys with disruptive, untested patches
… woo hoo! (I do
plan to clean up and debug the patch, if the idea goes over well.)

Clutter is a pretty fun
change from the usual 2D toolkit stuff, and nicely done in general.

The other day I also wrote up some
notes on making Clutter work better as a canvas
inside another
toolkit such as GTK+; incidentally, these same changes would make
Clutter a great foundation for a compositing manager in Metacity…
someone should look into that 😉

Also missing is the other direction – seamless, easy embedding of
GtkWidget into a Clutter canvas – but I haven’t had a chance to dig
into this one yet. Ideally ClutterEntry
is just not necessary – at least if you’re already linking to a
regular toolkit. More importantly, the truly difficult widgets such as
TreeView, TextView, WebKit, and Gecko are handy to reuse.

Easy blending of GTK+ and Clutter would open a lot of doors for
jazzing up GNOME.

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