OS Wrangler and Server Developers still needed

by havoc

We’ve made good progress hiring UI developers and designers for
LiTL. We may hire more on the UI side in a while (please do let us
know if you’d be interested), but we have an initial team.

In the meantime we are turning our focus to a couple other
positions. See the official
job descriptions
and if you’re interested, please email jobs at
litl com.

LiTL is a startup in downtown Boston working on a new consumer product
that involves hardware, software, and online services. We have the
right financial, business, and design support in place. Our success
hinges in large part on the development team. That’s where you might
come in.

To give a bit more color so you know what we’re looking for…

First, the job shown as Release and Quality Engineer probably
ends up as multiple jobs. We want a few different skills and maybe you
focus on one area. One role: what I would call “OS Wrangler” – do you
make custom Linux distribution spins? Hack on init scripts? Maintain
packages? Fix problems in the HAL/dbus/udev/kernel/etc. stack? We need
someone to put an OS together with our new code into a coherent spin,
and tune the OS for our product. Depending on your background this job
could involve significant new software development or could be more
focused on integration and coordination.

Another skillset or two we’re interested in: release and quality
engineering – nightly builds, automated testing, test plans, generally
ensuring our users have a great experience. We’ll need to test both
our UI and our web site, and manage new releases and updates.

Second, the job of Lead Server Developer. Here we want a
hard-core server application developer who can create a great, modern
web site with supporting APIs and services. If you’re into web
technology, we have quite a few interesting projects to get done that
you’d probably enjoy. We haven’t picked a platform – we’d rather pick
a great team and see what their platform of choice is – so this is a
chance to use Ruby or Java or whatever you love. We need someone who
can be a technical lead and make the major technical decisions, and we
want someone hands on who’s going to write a lot of code
themselves. We don’t want a manager, and we don’t want a pure
architect who doesn’t write code.

If you have some of these skills, we’d love to tell you more about
what we’re doing, and learn more about your background. Don’t be shy
with the emails.

(This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2008-03.html#31)

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