litl at summit this weekend

by havoc

summit attendees
we’re buying some coffee, dessert, and snacks on
Saturday afternoon from a local French
. litl’s founder John Chuang plans to drop by as well to
meet people and learn.

This isn’t a talk or a big announcement (litl will still be in stealth
mode post-summit) – the idea is to say thanks to the developers behind
GNOME and introduce ourselves.

The litl devel team will be around all weekend, doing some hacking. As
you may have
we have quite a bit of code written in JavaScript, with a
C/C++ core. We’ve invested a few weeks splitting the
JavaScript/gobject-introspection bindings out of our codebase and
rebasing to newer gobject-introspection. By Saturday we hope to have
it compiling and posted, so we can hack on combining our work with Alex’s
gscript API
among other things. We might also sign up for a
technical talk about the bindings if people are interested in learning

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