Getting a Real Blog

by havoc

I wrote my own blog software in 2003, and today is the day I’m giving it up. My custom blog code just generated static files, so it never had a security bug or a performance problem. But it was kind of annoying to use.

If all goes well and it doesn’t break, I’ve set up WordPress on an Amazon EC2 Micro instance. Part of the experiment is to learn to use EC2; I may post about how that goes once I see how it goes. (If it turns out to be a giant pain, it’s back to my 2003 hack I suppose.) I have a single command to fire up my EC2 server from a pristine AMI, install all the needed software, configure everything, and enable this website.

On WordPress I have fancy blog features I’d heard about, such as “photos” and “comments” – even “search.”  On top of that, a web-based editor so I can work on posts from any computer and save drafts in progress. Welcome to the future. Maybe this will mean more posts.

Freddie the dachsund

Freddie, our recently departed dachsund

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