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Month: December, 2010

Egg nog preparation

Lots of people don’t like eggnog and then there are those with the energy to make their own from scratch. For those of us in between, here’s my favorite preparation so far. (Though experiments continue.) Put a mix of half brandy and half sweet whiskey such as Maker’s Mark in the bottom of the glass. […]

Web server with URL fingerprinting out of the box

Years ago when we built Mugshot we stumbled on “URL fingerprinting,” Google describes it here. We used a “build stamp” (a continuously incrementing build number) instead of an MD5, but same thing. My guess is that many web sites end up doing this. Owen implemented the feature by writing a custom Apache module. (The idea, […]

Do centrists have an -ism to back them up?

In the past I complained about “libertarianism” and “socialism” melodrama in US politics. There’s a broken pattern of thought, where people speak as if the only two economic ideologies are “government good, everyone must have equal everything” or “government bad, night watchman state.”  Moderates and centrists are seen as compromising — mixing the two extreme perspectives, […]

Ridiculous settings screen showdown

Here’s a new one from today: And also a classic: