2003-09-11 (Thursday)

by havoc

This week is nothing but meetings, email, and phone calls it seems
like. The only technical thing I did so far was to make 2.4.0 tarballs
for my four modules, and I used a bad glib-gettext.m4 and thus they
were all broken and Jonathan had to redo them.

On the plus side, GNOME
came out. The reception of 2.4.0 has been great, lots of
friendly reviews and comments, the software rocks, even the release notes were

Also this week, a new developer joined Red Hat. Dan Williams will be
working on OpenOffice.org. He’s kind of a Mac guy, but unlike some of
you “look at my shiny titanium” weenies Dan’s laptop is decidedly
unsexy, one of those old black powerbooks, about 100mhz. I got to
explain the RPM spec file format to Dan, which reminded me that parts
of it are pretty inexplicable. 😉

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