2003-09-18 (Thursday)

by havoc

Back from a short vacation to go to a relative’s wedding. Lots of
email built up, and I missed the fun of being on Slashdot on Monday.
My comment which was intended to mean “proprietary UNIX will be
phased out in favor of Linux for most applications over time” got blown
somewhat out of proportion, I should learn to use less colorful
phrases. 😉

Nice coverage of GNOME 2.4 continues.
Sun announced their Java Desktop System. George posted plans for
extending desktop
further than it is in 2.4. The file selector plans
continue heatedly, and lots of exciting Nautilus changes in the
works. A bunch of things that have been in progress for months already
are landing in GNOME 2.6, so it’s going to look like we did a whole
lot in only the 6 month gap until 2.6 comes out.
Overall, the Linux desktop world is changing mind-blowingly quickly.

I hacked on D-BUS a fair bit on vacation and just moved it over to CVS
on the new cvs.freedesktop.org. The dbus-object-names branch is
looking approximately right; signal connections are the missing piece I
want to do before merging to HEAD. Still not happy with any of the
possible ways to do signals, but I’ll have to suck it up and pick one
of them.

Tomorrow there’s a hurricane here, we’re inland pretty far but still
expect to lose some trees and get really wet.

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