2003-09-25 (Thursday)

by havoc

Spent several hours yesterday night and tonight triaging metacity bugs
until my eyes hurt. Only got through about 2/3 of them, but the
remaining ones are all severity minor or enhancement so I’m not sure
if I’ll finish. Of course I ended up with far more bugs on the 2.6.x
and 2.8.x milestones than we have any chance of fixing in those

Metacity gets surprisingly few people helping out with anything
useful, it’s really depressing to go through bugs and see so many more
people whining for buggy bloat than fixing real issues. I should let
people add crack in exchange for fixing bugs. “Fix 30 good bugs and
you can add the raise-on-click pref.” “Fix 50 and you can add edge
flipping.” “Fix 100 and you can add a ‘focus windows that set input =
False’ option visible in the control panel and make right click
remove the window frame by default.” I’m kidding yet I would probably
do this. 😉

The window list and workspace switcher need love next. I want to find
someone to hack on libwnck; that thing seems small, simple, and of
interest to many hackers. Maybe Federico will get sucked in…

Bought Sarah Vowell books this weekend; those are pretty fun to read.

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