2003-09-22 (Monday)

by havoc

Today Red Hat announced the Fedora
which is a pretty big deal in my opinion. We have a
lot of work cut out for us to enable external contributors,
it’ll take some time. But we are excited about it.

Tonight a web site opened a dialog to tell me I had typed my phone
number as “NNN NNN NNNN” instead of “NNNNNNNNNN”. I didn’t even use
parentheses or hyphens. Somewhere a developer coded a whole dialog
instead of writing a single line of code to just remove the
. Hopefully this person is embarassed. I’m embarassed to
be a software developer when I see stuff like that.

After I fixed the whitespace, it opened another dialog saying I had to
fix a date to be “MMDDYYYY” instead of “MM/DD/YYYY”.

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