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Month: February, 2004

2004-02-28 (Saturday)

Satellite TV guy came today and said we had to put the dish on a big pole in the middle of the yard, or chainsaw a bunch of trees; time to fall back to Comcast… IBM laptop support is impressive: laptop hard disk died, I called late morning, they had me a new one the […]

2004-02-21 (Saturday)

I think we finally have the whole lineup for which candidates fit in which positions for Hiring Phase 1, and thus will be able get back to everyone who’s applied pretty soon. Crossing my fingers, I don’t like leaving people hanging, but it just takes a lot of time to do responsibly. More positions should […]

2004-02-16 (Monday)

Had a pretty nice vacation weekend in New York, I’m still here but shifted from vacation to Red Hat business trip. We had a lot of fun the first couple days. Some part of walking around in the cold, eating dubious food in Chinatown, and drinking a bit too much made us really sick on […]

2004-02-11 (Wednesday)

Still no Internet at home. DSL is apparently unavailable so it looks like we’ll get cable instead. At work, I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and may get back time to maintain metacity properly yet. In the meantime, please mail me with any emergencies. I hear rumors of crashes […]