2004-02-21 (Saturday)

by havoc

I think we finally have the whole lineup for which candidates fit in
which positions for Hiring Phase 1, and thus will be able get back to
everyone who’s applied pretty soon. Crossing my fingers, I don’t like
leaving people hanging, but it just takes a lot of time to do
responsibly. More positions should open, but finishing up soon for the
spots with immediate start dates.

Went to EuroTrip with Blizzard, Shona, Jeremy, Seth last night; it was
a pretty good movie if you like the “American Pie” sort of genre. I
laughed hard. Before that we ate at Blue Ribbon which was deemed an
acceptable barbecue restaurant – although those of us recently
arriving from North Carolina were unsure of authenticity and
questioned the lack of hush puppies.

On the technical side, I made a metacity release (yay!), but have some
patches I really need to look at. There’s an interesting one on the
D-BUS list to add
SELinux support

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