2004-02-28 (Saturday)

by havoc

Satellite TV guy came today and said we had to put the dish on a big
pole in the middle of the yard, or chainsaw a bunch of trees; time to
fall back to Comcast…

IBM laptop support is impressive: laptop hard disk died, I called late
morning, they had me a new one the next morning. Didn’t have to send
the old one back, didn’t have to argue. I’m now using the 2.6 kernel
on my new drive.

Christian: presumably up2date/yum is slow on Fedora because the
default mirror is swamped. Look here,
edit /etc/yum.conf.

Seth, Jonathan, and Federico are really rescuing the file selector
situation at the last minute. Those guys rock.

Encouraging signs on open source Java in the news this week; this
would be fantastic for GNOME and free software overall, uniting all
the not-Microsoft platforms into a single juggernaut. I mailed
everyone I could think of with a quick .02 that we need not only open
source but also GPL-compatible, so we can really use Java throughout
the OS.

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