KDE in Fedora

by havoc

mentions the KDE for Red Hat project
and complains about the current official Fedora Project packages. I
would like to see the KDE for Red Hat project be in charge of the
official packages to be honest. I think it’s been discussed before and
I don’t really know what the status is or conclusions were, but my
personal .02 is that there’s no reason in principle why KDE can’t
directly control the Fedora packaging. The only requirements would be
to follow the same maintenance
as other Fedora packages in terms of spec files, build,
testing, etc. and I guess not break any global stuff (such as upgrades
or shared files). We have moved away from Bluecurve in the Fedora
Project due to a general “closer to upstream” guideline (though we
aren’t religious about that guideline if we can get a nicer system by
bending it a bit, and as always we do a certain amount of backporting
fixes rather than wholesale upgrade during freezes).

I think there is a complexity here which is that right now
externally-owned packages have to be hosted via the Extras
infrastructure rather than the inside-Red-Hat Core infrastructure, but
the roadmap is for Extras and Core to use the same infrastructure
eventually, and both infrastructures work fine.

I’m not unilaterally committing to anything, other Fedora people and
Red Hat people would have to weigh in, but this is my view.

(This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2005-07.html#1)

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