yum downgrades

by havoc

Is there any way to convince yum to downgrade a package?
Especially relevant since evolution
is all busted
in rawhide. To downgrade Evolution I did an rpm -e
followed by a yum install of a specific Evolution version, but that
didn’t help and so I’m guessing I need to downgrade gtk2; rpm -e gtk2
is kind of a bad idea though, so I need the equivalent of “rpm -U
–oldpackage” only with yum. Yes, I am too lazy to go download stuff
manually and then use rpm rather than yum. If yum could just download
a package without installing it, that would be almost as good as a
–oldpackage sort of option. “yum download gtk2-2.6.7-4” would do it.
Of course, maybe the problem isn’t gtk2 either, who knows.

(This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2005-07.html#2.2)

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