Xnest, Xephyr, Xgl, Xdmx…

by havoc

Does anyone know a way to hack on a GL-based compositing manager such
as Compiz in a nested X server? I didn’t even try Xnest assuming
there’s no way it works; Xephyr has GLX and Composite but Compiz
reports that the root window has the wrong visual; Xgl appears to be
dead (?) and isn’t in the Fedora yum repo; and Xdmx has GLX but not
Composite or any of the other newer extensions.

Google reveals no suggestions (other than Xgl, which apparently worked
at some point in the past). If I figure it out I’ll post the answer.

(This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2008-01.html#24)

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