Nested X servers hate me

by havoc

Goal: run Compiz in a nested X server. Or really, any X server that is
not the one I’m using for real work.

List O’ Failures:

  1. “Screw it, just run the regular X server on another virtual
    console.” DRI can only be used on one console at a time. Lose.
  2. “Xephyr supports GLX in latest git.” Latest Xephyr totally busted on 64-bit
    platforms. After debugging and applying lots of 64-bit fixes, still
    does not report GL-capable visual to glxinfo or glxgears, though it
    reports GLX extension. Lose.
  3. “Build Xgl from git, since it isn’t in Fedora.” Xgl subdir on main
    branch of xorg/xserver is just a trap for suckers; does not build and
    probably never did. Discovered there is a separate Xgl
    branch. Requires –disable-xcsecurity or it won’t build. Does not work
    with Fedora 8 system DRI headers or Mesa-from-git DRI headers. Docs on wiki still talk about CVS, not helpful. Lose.

Anyway, about 12 hours down the tubes so far, mostly building
‘xserver’ over and over with a variety of config options, installed
dependencies, patches, and branches, trying to get the magic combo.

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