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Month: September, 2003

2003-09-26 (Friday)

Our Open Source Architecture announcement is inspiring, if buzzword-enabled. Open source all the way up the stack. I believe this is unique to Red Hat. Discovered that the replacement gconf text files backend I wrote early 2002 runs faster and has half the memory usage of the original gconf backend. So we can save a […]

2003-09-25 (Thursday)

Spent several hours yesterday night and tonight triaging metacity bugs until my eyes hurt. Only got through about 2/3 of them, but the remaining ones are all severity minor or enhancement so I’m not sure if I’ll finish. Of course I ended up with far more bugs on the 2.6.x and 2.8.x milestones than we […]

2003-09-22 (Monday)

Today Red Hat announced the Fedora Project which is a pretty big deal in my opinion. We have a lot of work cut out for us to enable external contributors, it’ll take some time. But we are excited about it. Tonight a web site opened a dialog to tell me I had typed my phone […]

2003-09-18 (Thursday)

Back from a short vacation to go to a relative’s wedding. Lots of email built up, and I missed the fun of being on Slashdot on Monday. My comment which was intended to mean “proprietary UNIX will be phased out in favor of Linux for most applications over time” got blown somewhat out of proportion, […]

2003-09-11 (Thursday)

This week is nothing but meetings, email, and phone calls it seems like. The only technical thing I did so far was to make 2.4.0 tarballs for my four modules, and I used a bad glib-gettext.m4 and thus they were all broken and Jonathan had to redo them. On the plus side, GNOME 2.4.0 came […]

2003-09-09 (Tuesday)

Read Blankets this weekend, a nice book. Someone working on the HAL. Resolved my problem sharing Follow Up between home and work by using the Important flag instead, since that’s in imap and I can generate a vfolder from it. Also archived a ton of old mail, bringing Evolution memory usage from 150M to only […]

2003-09-07 (Sunday)

Trying to switch to Evolution. The issue is that I have a computer at home and one at work, and need to read mail both places, with firewalls in between. So I’ve always just used ssh. People say that imap will resolve this but I’m skeptical; there’s just so much stuff in ~/evolution, it seems […]

2003-09-04 (Thursday)

Mark: nobody coding it so far that I know of, a few people expressed some interest but I haven’t seen code. Red Hat is definitely interested. Right now though all I have time to do is try to talk somebody into working on it. 😉 Spent Labor Day weekend hacking on D-BUS in response to […]